Navigating the Influencer Marketing Landscape: Strategies for Success

By: harrison blum The realm of influencer marketing is dynamic, constantly evolving to adapt to new trends, platforms, and audience preferences. For brands looking to capitalize on this powerful form of marketing, understanding the hot topics in the influencer sphere is crucial. This blog post delves into key strategies that can maximize the impact of […]

Hispanic Leadership Summit: A Call for Corporate America to Embrace the Latino Community

social revolt blog hispanic leadership summit

By: harrison blum On December 6, the Social Revolt team embarked on a transformative journey to New York City, participating in the annual Hispanic Leadership Summit organized by We Are All Human. This influential gathering brought together both Hispanics and non-Hispanics to collaboratively strategize effective actions for companies, fostering intentional cross-sector networks to uplift the […]

Efficient Time Tracking with Harvest

At Social Revolt, we recognize the importance of efficiently managing our time, both as individuals and as a collective unit. Our VP of Operations & Customer Success, Lacey Garner, has shared insights on how effective time tracking can not only streamline operations but also foster a thriving work environment. Let’s delve into these insights for […]

How New European Laws May Shape the Future of Social Media

It took four years for the United Kingdom’s Online Safety Bill to finally find its way to passage by Parliament this month. The highly anticipated new law will force social media platforms to be more proactive about removing or restricting illegal, harmful, or age-inappropriate content in an effort to make the platforms safer for users—and […]