Hispanic Leadership Summit: A Call for Corporate America to Embrace the Latino Community

By: harrison blum

On December 6, the Social Revolt team embarked on a transformative journey to New York City, participating in the annual Hispanic Leadership Summit organized by We Are All Human. This influential gathering brought together both Hispanics and non-Hispanics to collaboratively strategize effective actions for companies, fostering intentional cross-sector networks to uplift the community.

Empowering Hispanics:
A Call to Action

Social Revolt’s CEO, Marty Martinez, took center stage, moderating a session titled “Corporate Playbook for Hispanic Community Engagement.” Reflecting on his own journey from the son of immigrant farm workers to addressing the United Nations, Martinez set the tone for the day’s discussions.

“I’m humbled by the opportunity to speak here,” Martinez expressed. “And I’m reminded why we are all here: to empower a community and to expand access to the kinds of opportunities that we’ve all been fortunate to enjoy.”

Strategic Insights from Industry Leaders

The panel, featuring Patricia Mota (CEO, HACE), Monica Penagos (Senior Brand Director, Innovation, P&G), and Pepe Estrada (Director, Public Affairs, Walmart), delved into the imperative role that large corporations play in advancing Hispanic talent and uplifting the community. The focus was on actionable strategies to mobilize corporate America and align social agendas for effective prosperity.

Corporate Investment as a Force for Growth

Penagos emphasized the dual impact of corporate investment in Hispanic mobility, stating, “When we work with the Hispanic community, it is not just a force for good – it is a force for growth.”

Mota underscored the importance of cultural relevance in talent development programs, urging corporate partners to “double down and commit to this community” as an “economic imperative.”

Estrada showcased Walmart’s commitment to social responsibility, highlighting initiatives such as significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fortifying cornmeal with folic acid for the benefit of Latino health.

Economic Significance of the Hispanic Market

Penagos pointed out that “half of the growth of P&G in the last year was multicultural,” emphasizing the economic significance of the Hispanic market. The panelists unanimously recognized the Hispanic community as a key driver of corporate success in America.

The Path Forward: Corporate America's Link to the Hispanic Market

The summit concluded with a powerful consensus: the future of corporate America is intrinsically linked to its relationship with the Hispanic market.

“If you are a corporation that wants to thrive a hundred years from today and are not looking at the Latino market holistically, it’s at your own peril,” warned Estrada.

Social Revolt's Reflections

As a digital advertising agency specializing in the Hispanic market, Social Revolt was honored to be a part of this pivotal conversation. The day left attendees with a clear message: the path to sustainable corporate success lies in genuine, impactful engagement with the Hispanic community.

“The summit left attendees with a clear message,” Martinez affirmed. “The path to sustainable corporate success is through genuine, impactful engagement with the Hispanic community.”