Doing Everything with Purpose and Intention

Savvy marketers, expert communicators.

We’re fast. We’re nimble. We have the team, tools, and infrastructure to keep pace with the constant evolution of digital marketing. Even more — we’re really, really passionate about what we do.


The digital landscape is always changing- we remain flexible by constantly testing, iterating and perfecting our strategies.


We believe being transparent is key to building long-term relationships with our clients (and their consumers).


We invest in the communities we live in and represent, from grassroots relief efforts to the clients we choose to partner with.

Marty Martinez


“As a son of immigrant farm workers, I‘ve always been intrigued by building something from the ground up. I founded Social Revolt in 2014 with hopes of building something that had both meaning and purpose. 

Eight years later, we’ve partnered with hundreds of brands across diverse industries. Looking back, I always think ‘man, it doesn’t get bigger than this,’ but each year the team accomplishes more and more. This has grown far beyond just me.”

Award-Winning Results

Top brands have relied on our data-centric approach to campaigns and the creative ingenuity of our award-winning storytellers to rise above the noise and capture attention.


You Know Your Brand. We Know Digital.

We focus on building a strong relationship with our clients founded on trust, proven practices, and open dialogue. If two heads are better than one, then combining our digital-focused brain with your deep brand expertise will make us unstoppable.


Advocacy is in Our DNA.

We pride ourselves in championing initiatives that are focused on impacting the community on a local, national, and global scale.

Because we know that “doing good” is not only good for business, but has the power to change internal cultures, external relationship reputations, and consumer relationships.


Our Team of Experts.

An orchestra with only one instrument makes for a pretty disappointing symphony. As an agency that specializes in multicultural campaigns and audiences, we are deliberately diverse in everything we do. We intentionally hire people from different backgrounds and invite them to bring their unique life experiences to everything we do.