Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Strategic organic and paid solutions to help grow your company’s online search visibility, connect with new audiences, and generate revenue.

Brand Awareness, Engagement, and Sales

Search is often the first step people take on their customer journey, whether it is researching, decision making, or purchasing. We know how imperative it is to properly position our clients to ensure that journey begins with them.

+2.4 Million

searches happen on Google every minute

~55 Billion

websites have been indexed by Google

~1 Minute

is the average length of browsing search results


of users do not browse past the first page of results

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Get Your Site in Front of People

Becoming a leader in your industry requires more than just excellent products and services. It requires an authoritative web presence. Your website is often the first impression people will have of your company. It’s hard to get people to recognize you if they cannot find you in the first place. Most people who search anything tend to not scroll past page two results. In order to rank high, SEO is vital.

Increase Leads, Sales, Traffic, And Website ROI

You’ve invested in your website and you want to make sure that investment is not only spent wisely, but also maximizing your content’s potential. Capitalize on that investment by getting the right exposure to the right audience. SEO works 24/7 and finding an agency that can tailor a custom SEO strategy is crucial.

Organic Results Through SEO

One of the advantages of SEO is organic search traffic. These results offer a cost benefit over PPC (pay-per-click) as the cost per click of this traffic is nothing once you have implemented a solid SEO foundation. These visitors clicked on your sight because they were actively searching for what you ranked for.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

Higher Visibility and Positioning

Search Engine Marketing has a few distinct features that make it very appealing. One of them being ad placement in search results at the top of the page. This puts your ad as the first thing people will see, and above your competitors listings, if you win top placement at auction. PPC also has the added benefit of showing that ad very often, which will increase user interaction.

Achieve Better Targeting

Target audiences based on interests, time of day, geolocation, and other factors. This gives you granular control over not only your ad spend but also ROAS (return on ad spend) which will make your investment go farther.

Faster Results and Faster Pivoting

Search Engine Marketing delivers faster results as it is easier to implement than most other online marketing. The wealth of data that is collected through analytics allows us as an agency to quickly adapt to changing market fluctuations and competitor strategies. SEM also allows us to quickly spin up campaigns to meet your evolving needs, be it a new product or service launch, seasonal event, sale event, or any other quick to market initiative.

Jessica Stettler

Social Media Manager

“Working with Social Revolt has been such a pleasure – I really cannot say enough about this small but mighty team! They are always so helpful, knowledgeable, accessible, and they never hesitate to go above and beyond to ensure our PPC campaigns are yielding the best results possible. They truly have become an extension of our team and we are so thankful for their partnership.”