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Capturing the Perfect Message for Expanding Audiences

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7 years after opening its doors, rewardStyle had established themselves as a prominent success in Dallas’ startup scene. Reaching 93 unique countries and driving over a billion dollars in revenue to the retail market. Their “influencer-first” mission makes them the ideal partner for any brand or retailer looking to push beyond traditional sales channels. With an increased business interest in influencer marketing and traffic growth from all channels, rewardStyle had the incredible opportunity of capturing a massive amount of insight into the buyer journeys of their potential partners.


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The Challenge

Growing competitor landscapes make a web presence incredibly impactful. If a company’s expanding audience segments are not serviced in a consistent, creative way, they risk losing to similar services. rewardStyle had created a place for influencers to join, but not to understand the company’s history, differentiators, accomplishments, or expectations. Worse, they had left brands, investors, and consumers to fend for themselves without content on their various channels.

The Solution

Social Revolt constructed a new design with cohesive brand messaging that tailored the content to brands, investors, consumers, and influencers. We conducted in-depth workshops with the rewardStyle teams and management to unify the department goals with the business vision. This combination of stylish imagery, interaction, and content strategy has built a continual growth of conversions and success.

Kacy Cole


“Seriously y’all, I am so grateful to have y’all as my partner in crime on this! Big hugs!”