Case Study

Hispanic Star


Launching a global brand for Latino empowerment to demonstrate unity and pride.

What we did

Spanish Language Marketing
Public Relations
Social Impact

The Hispanic Star Campaign represents an unparalleled collective effort to create a platform to showcase and amplify the contributions of the Hispanic community to the United States, not only as an integral part of the American culture but also as an undeniable force shaping its future.



The Challenge

2020 was a moment to bring the Hispanic community together in celebration of their contributions to this country and bring attention to the needs and opportunities to support the advancement of this fundamental American community. Hispanics are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and unprecedented climate events. It is time for D&I conversations to be at the forefront.

The Solution

Social Revolt was a founding Hispanic Star HUB leader for the City of Dallas, building the infrastructure and volunteer network necessary to provide needed relief to communities. We partnered with the local organizations and nonprofits, and through a series of community impact events, successfully secured shipments of goods to distribute to over 50,000 families in need. With the help of partners, Procter & Gamble P&G, Nabisco, Conagra Foods, Jarritos, La Moderna and countless others, we were able to mobilize over 100 volunteers and distribute over $2,000,000 in donations.