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Envoy Air is American Airlines Group’s largest regional carrier, flying under the banner of American Eagle. It operates more than 160 aircraft on 800 daily flights to over 160 destinations. 

Envoy Air has played a significant role in American Airlines’ regional operations, helping to expand the airline’s route network and providing convenient connections to passengers traveling on American Airlines flights.

As Envoy worked towards recovery from the pandemic, Social Revolt became an integrated partner for the airline to help hire employees at a greater rate to support the breadth of its growing operations.


The primary objective of the marketing campaign was to increase the visibility and recognition of the airline brand within the targeted geographical region and attract potential candidates for multiple work groups including pilots, flight attendants, customer service, mechanics, ramp agents, and inventory control specialists.


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Social Revolt case study for Envoy Air out of home marketing pilots jumping in air

Case Study

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the aviation industry hard. For more than two years, Envoy Air has been navigating business in a constant state of change as airlines have been particularly impacted by pandemic-era regulations, workforce volatility, and unpredictable consumer demand. Since the hiring goals for Envoy Air go beyond replacing the staffing levels that dipped during the pandemic, Social Revolt was expected to be a turning point for the airline’s recovery and growth trajectory.

The Solution

Social Revolt’s programmatic partnerships provided a significant advantage with access to over 55,000 screens nationally, 1B+ monthly impressions, and access to leading sellers. The campaign ran for eight months in 30+ markets across the United States, delivering strategically placed billboards, posters, and signage at high traffic locations such as airports, bus terminals, and major transportation hubs. The campaign achieved great success, promoting an increase in applications across all target workgroups to meet Envoy’s primary goal and growing its global workforce to more than 19,000 employees located across 114 locations.

Social Revolt case study for Envoy Air out of home marketing photo of digital ad truck